DigiMax is a Toronto, Canada based company designed to become a world leader in advising companies issuing in any country around the world.


DigiMax was formed by five partners, three of whom have vast experience in the crypto-currency and ICO industry and two of whom that have more than 40 years of combined experience raising capital through public companies and issuing of common shares. This partnership brings together all of the benefits and expediency of raising capital through tokens, with a team that has decades of experience raising capital in conventional markets. The result is a team that combines expertise from both the token, and the conventional public capital markets world.

DigiMax have a common goal to help the world develop as a respectable offering that is parallel in stature and compliance to common shares. DigiMax has a strong belief and commitment to helping ICOs become a highly efficient, legal and secure complement to public shares issued by real and profitable companies from all industries.

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We make four great revenue platforms in one

  • Global Consulting for structuring and syndicating new issues.
  • Global Registered Broker/Dealer network to assist in funding new issues.
  • Enabling efficient, high velocity funding of new issues through the DigiMax global network.
  • Continually seeking profit opportunities in the financial securities marketplace.



Global consulting & Syndication

How to Become a Client
  • Contact DigiMax
  • Show growing revenue
  • Show Repeat Customers at market pricing
  • Show In-country scalability
  • Show global scalability with access to new capital


  • Finalize business plan to attract institutional investors.
  • Assist with final valuation.
  • Assist with tokenomics of token.

Global Syndication

  • Preparation of Investor Summary.
  • Arrange 3rd party valuation report.
  • Arrange lead Broker/Dealer & KYC/AML provider based on home jurisdiction.
  • Introduce registered sellers around the globe.

Global Network of Registered Broker dealers

DigiMax SaleDrop Interface
  • DigiMax is a Registered Exempt Market Dealer based in Toronto, Canada.
  • DigiMax has formed JVs in many other countries around the world.
  • Each JV will form a new corp in 2019 and apply to become registered Broker/Dealer in that country.
  • JV partner will manage operation locally.
  • DigiMax will retain minimum 51% ownership and overall control for consolidation as publicly listed company.


Digimax has built a global network of partners that will each become Registered Broker Dealers to assist companies domiciled in these jurisdictions who wish to raise capital through the issuance in a 100% compliant manner.

Global Promotion

We are active participants of the largest specialized conferences in the world and partners of leading rating agencies.

For the last the 24 months the DigiMax team has attended more than 50 Blockchain Events in 30 Countries and flew nearly 40,000 miles in total.

Virtual Roadshows Continue

DigiMax is now participating in online global roadshows on a monthly basis.

The continual global presence provides ever increasing growth opportunities for both Digimax and its clients.